rw minis 1911


I’ve handled real 1911s worth $40,000 and readily admit this tiny pretend 1911 generated just about the same amount of interest when I showed it around. No fooling. “It’s so cute!” or “Geez, it acts like the real thing!” were common comments. “Can I have it?” too, but “no” was the proper answer. This tiny gun takes down like a real 1911, the safety goes on, the hammer falls when you pull the trigger, the grip safety works and the mag comes out — and even has teeny-tiny brass pretend cartridges.

There’s a metal display stand supplied, and the entire package is of remarkably high quality. The “real” cartridge in the photo is a .45 ACP and showcases the 3.75″ size. Weighing in at a feathery 0.9 oz, and being honest 1/3 scale size, this looks like a toy, but keep it away from small kids. There’s just too many tiny parts, easy to lose and swallow. Mine now lives on my desk and is pretty much a constant distraction.

RW Minis also makes a broad line of equally cool “other” mini models. There’s a sort of Barrett-looking .50 rifle, several AR variants, a couple of AKs, two bolt-action precision rifles and even a nifty Dragunov Sniper mini! Most are in the $39 to $45 range. They also offer a line of accessories like spare mini-cartridges, mini-scopes and even a tiny “pocket holster” for the 1911. All of this stuff generates an instant “Must-Have-One!” gut feeling, and at the price point, it’s not painful to spend the few bucks to have the fun. Ph: (262) 689-7008

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