A New Understanding

The second time the SCCY caught my attention was when I passed by a display table at an NRA Expo and saw SCCYs in a multitude of colors and camo patterns. I couldn’t help but stop and take all the color in. Working the booth that day was Scott McGregor, SCCY’s National Sales Manager and a friend and former team member at FMG Publications. Scott arranged for me to get my hands on a couple of test guns. When they arrived I began to appreciate Joe Roebuck’s vision. It’s funny how things tumble into place sometimes to open a whole new channel of understanding.

I’d been shooting a Ruger GP100 and challenging myself to become good at shooting it DA instead of cocking for each shot. With practice, I was improving. When I started shooting the SCCYs, the GP100 practice paid off and I shot them well without being put off by the DAO trigger. SCCY’s reason for selling them that way matched the reasoning of Ruger, S&W, Kimber and others who sell DAO revolvers with no exposed hammer — they’re safer. With practice they can be just as accurate and they have the advantage of preventing accidental discharges by virtue of a trigger pull insisting you intend to shoot.

The Red Dot assists in defense by making it very easy to point the gun where it needs to be while you’re working the trigger. A couple of small Allen wrenches for adjusting the sight were also included. Before leaving for the range, I put a laser bore sight in the barrel to give me an aiming point and adjusted the Crimson Trace Red Dot so it was right on top of the dot from the laser bore sight. This super-imposed it over the fixed front sight visible through the transparent red dot. Game-on.