Seiko Prospex Diver


My four absolute daily carry essentials include gun, phone, knife and … a watch. Checking that smartphone for time takes waaayyyyy longer than you think because of distractions like texts, emails, games, news and, well, you get it.

This particular Seiko has become my favorite and quite literal everyday wear. It’s rock solid, seriously waterproof and the silicone band has proven comfortable and nearly indestructible. It’s a classic automatic, so if you’re wearing it, it’s winding itself. Old school analog display means easy to read and no batteries to let you down. It’ll even tell you the day and date.

I do have to confess what attracted me to this one is the cool green face and band. So, yeah, it looks good but performs even better. It’s got some serious weight, too, so I guess in a pinch, a watch-side backhand would leave a serious mark. If you shop, you can find one for about $400.

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