scope setter


To state the obvious, this tool does just what it says. I always seem to wrestle getting the reticles straight when I mount a scope. Doesn’t matter if it’s a handgun scope or a rifle scope. It always seems there’s much fuss and muss over a “tweak” this way, then another back the other way. Lots of handing back and forth saying, “Here, how’s that look to you?” There are some pretty fancy scope leveling tools out there, and plenty of “Here, try it my way” tricks, but this one takes the cake. It works, it’s simple and costs about $120. Share the cost with a couple of friends and suddenly it’s pocket change.

Think of this as a kit, with everything included. The operation goes like this: You unfold the legs, level the Scope Setter (using the included little level and adjustable feet), attach your scope to the rail on the tool (you’ve pre-assembled the scope and rings but left the rings finger tight). Then you level the scope (just put the little level on top of the top cap). Ta-Daaa’ … the scope is leveled to the rail. Now take it off the Scope Setter’s rail and put it on the gun’s rail. Takes about as long to read this as it does to do it.

You can also use this set-up to adjust and calibrate those clamp-on scope levels you see the fancy target guys using. The Scope Setter is designed and made in the USA by a family-owned business specializing in high-end machining, fabrication, prototyping, etc. They really know their way around precision tools, plus they’re darn nice people. I promise if you get one of these you’ll have one of those “Why did I wait so long?” moments. I sure did. Let ’em know you read about it in Handgunner, too! For more info: Inventure Engineering & Machine,; Ph: (208) 863-6033, email: [email protected]