Trijicon DI Night Sights Combine Tritium and Fiber Illumination


New Trijicon DI Night Sights combine dual-illumination technology for shooting in any light condition.

If you’re going to carry or use a handgun for self-defense, you’re going to need night sights. After all, the sun isn’t always shining, and we can’t naturally see in the dark. However, dedicated night sights aren’t as easy to pick up in ambient light conditions as fiber optic options. One of the first to pioneer tritium technology in firearm optics, Trijicon has combined its combat-proven technology to create the first any-light aiming solution.

Engineered to give handgun shooters both daylight and nighttime brightness, Trijicon’s new DI (Dual Illumination) Night Sights feature a new patent-pending design combining the best features of tritium and fiber illumination for iron sights that are “Always On, Always Ready.”

New DI Night Sights are available for GLOCK, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory and SIG SAUER models.

For shooters familiar with Trijicon’s HD XR sights, the new DI Night Sights share the same black serrated rear sight with U-notch, dual Tritium phosphor-filled glass lamps and steep hook form for one-hand slide manipulations. The rear sight also sits further back on the slide, close to the shooter, to account for the new, longer front sight design.

Rather than rely on tritium or fiber illumination, DI Night Sights combine both in a customizable front sight. At the core of the front sight is a Trijicon tritium lamp, offering a guaranteed aiming point, even in total darkness. In front of it is a user-replaceable fiber light rod, held in place by a threaded retainer ring and solid steel machined housing, for exceptional daylight brightness.

The patent-pending design allows shooters to customize their front sight fiber and retainer color.

Shipped with a green fiber, additional fiber replacement packs in green, red, amber and orange are also available, as well as colored retainers in white, yellow and orange, for more than 64 different combinations and a truly personalized aiming solution.

New Trijicon DI Night Sights are initially available for standard, large and Slimline frame GLOCKs, Smith & Wesson M&P, M&P 2.0 and M&P Shield models, various Springfield Armory XD Series and SIG SAUER handguns. Front and rear sight heights vary slightly depending on model.

MSRP for a DI Night Sights set is $150 with replacement fiber packs running $17.50–30 and retainer packs running $50–70.

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