VersaCarry Compound IWB Holster


The camp you subscribe to is telling of your character, or lack thereof. Obviously, the “other” camp is just plain ignorant about the subject matter, right? And they think the same about us! Hmm …

I’ve seen full-blown donnybrooks break out when opposing parties start the great debate. What causes such ballyhoo? Why the leather vs. Kydex holster controversy, the catalyst for many a melee I’ve witnessed! It’s simple, really. Leather lovers know nothing’s better than a well-worn custom shuck for their shooter, while the Kydex crowd thinks petroleum-based products are just cool and tactically sound for their plastic pistols.

VersaCarry Compounds The Issue

What if we were to blend the soft, supple characteristics of water buffalo hide with the form fitting attributes and stiffness of Kydex?

Versacarry cleverly combined these two resources in their Compound line, effectively bringing both camps together in a hybrid holster for either IWB or OWB carry. Today we’re focusing on the IWB model.

Versacarry combines the look, feel, smell and comfort of water buffalo hide with a piece of Kydex securely sewn and sandwiched between two pieces, so your shooter never comes into contact with the shape-holding Kydex. The Kydex is sewn into the spine, producing both a sight channel and non-collapsible support, so holstering is a snap while carrying IWB-mode.

The Versacarry Compound has stylish cutouts in the distressed water buffalo hide and proudly displays a woven Kydex pattern, giving the Compound holster a ruggedly warm look with functionally stiff Kydex. The fit is perfect for my Honor Defense Honor Guard and it easily passed the upside down test with the gun staying securely in place without dropping.

Convenient Clip

Retention on this IWB holster is achieved from a strong spring steel clip and retention stud. There’s no need to unbuckle, just suck in your gut, slide your holster IWB and make sure the clip goes over your belt for a quick and convenient “grab and go” way of carrying.

Retention of the gun itself can be adjusted with the tension screw, giving a custom option on how tight the gun will fit in the holster. The holster back-tab comfortably keeps the gun off your hide for rub-free protection.

The Versacarry Compound line offers a stylishly good-looking rig with distressed water buffalo hide accented by a hint of Kydex peeking through the cutouts.

Confession Time…

As for me, I’ve been known to dabble in both sides of the great debate. With the Versacarry Compound, I can fit in anywhere, no matter what camp I happen to be in.

The MSRP is $86.99 for the Versacarry IWB holster. For further information, go to:

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