walker silencer-bluetooth ear buds


Sometimes, especially when hunting, muffs, even electronic muffs, can be awkward and inconvenient, especially if you have a brimmed hat. The idea of in-ear, Bluetooth-enabled electronic noise suppression makes perfect sense. Until the past couple of years, the technology was still pretty basic, but these latest from Walker nails it. Basically they can be fitted to your ear using different size supplied tips, then controlled by a simple app on your phone. You can adjust noise filtering options, high frequency boost, power and general functions, all at your fingertips.

They are rechargeable using their carry box, have auto shut-off, and offer voice prompts in your ear so you know what the settings are. The Lithium charging battery is charged with a USB plug. The average battery life is about 14 hours in general use mode, and noise reduction is rated at 26. If you combined them with standard muffs it’d be even higher. There’s wind noise reduction, variable gunshot noise suppression, and I like the fact you can hear what’s going on around you!

In actually using these, I found it pays to spend a few minutes to fit them correctly and learn how to use the app. You can control them using the buttons on the plugs but the app is sure convenient. I found they worked just fine, were comfortable and for me personally, I’d tend to use them more for field and hunting use rather than range use. For range use (especially indoor ranges) I prefer soft plugs combined with electronic muffs. For casual plinking, hunting or moderate target shooting outdoors, you forget you’re wearing them. MSRP is about $299. They make several models including similar units powered by No. 10 batteries ($229). For more info: www.walkersgameear.com, Ph: (877) 269-8490.

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