Weekender Kit


Birchwood Casey’s “Weekender Professional Gunsmith Kit” also works for we mere mortal-amateurs. If you tend to wrench on your pistolas or wrangle your long-guns, here’s a pretty much one-stop shop of the sorts of bits and pieces you need. It’s got 27 things like a nylon and brass-faced hammer, punches, screw-driver bits of all kinds, synthetic roll-pin punches, even torx and hex bits. The two teeny-tiny screwdrivers do double duty fixing those impossible to see screws on your glasses too. Handy.

At only $35 or so, I bought two. One goes on the bench, one into the shooting bag. Sight adjusting, a quickie-take down in the field, tighten up the grip screws, pound — gently — on that Arredondo Range Rod and … well, you get the drill here. Having the right tools handy keeps you from eyeing a rock and thinking, “Hey, that’d work to adjust my rear sight.”
It won’t work, and people will talk bout you if you do it. For more info:
www.americanhandgunner.com/company/birchwood-casey/; Birchwood Casey Ph: (800) 746-6862

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