This is sorta’ like a chronograph. You don’t really “need” one, but if you’re a serious shooter, a chrono can really open your eyes to some amazing info about your guns, ammo, reloads and much more. And they’re not that much, with some models starting in the $100 range. Trigger pull gauges deliver the same sort of thing. Suddenly, there’s no more guessing, and you know for sure what the trigger pull is on your guns. Maybe the fact you’re wrestling with accuracy with one of your guns is because the trigger pull is out of spec or just too darn hard! Find out — then get it fixed.

Wheeler’s “Professional Digital Trigger Gauge” is chock full of features. It reads 0-12 lbs., has +/- 0.5 percent accuracy, uses two AAA batteries and automatically calculates the max, minimum and average trigger pull of a set. The soft touch buttons work fine, it has a back-lit LCD screen easy to read for us boomers, an audible overload indicator and keeps track of the number of trigger pull tests in a given session.

I particularly like the fact the sensor is on an arm and rests directly on the trigger. You can even test a trigger at the lower or upper portion of the face, for instance. I also like the fact you can fit your finger behind the sensor and press the trigger directly, using the sensor body. There’s also a couple of different sensor inserts handling bladed triggers or conventional shapes. You can use it on rifles, handguns or shotguns. There’s a foam-lined storage box, clear instructions and a calibration chart included. My chart showed this unit was well within the range of accuracy listed.

At around the $50 mark, your gun-fund won’t take a huge hit, and it will certainly make you a more savvy shooter. If you’ve felt a certain gun had a “five-pound” trigger pull, now’s the time to find out what it really is. You likely will be surprised at how much higher or lower they really are at times. Oh, and buy a chrono while you’re at it! For more info: Wheeler Engineering, www.btibrands.com/brands/wheeler-engineering/

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