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I can’t speak for you, but on occasion I’ve had instructors whisper sweet nothings into my ear. You know, like, “Focus on the front sight, dummy!” The folks at XS Sights designed the new RAMs to help you do just that.

Here’s the secret. Not only is the front sight far more visible in dark conditions, it leaps into view in daylight too. Unlike other offerings from XS, the RAMs are traditional post and notch. The magic lies in the judicious distribution of RAM (radioactive material) and use of the XS Glow Dot technology.

Surrounding the front sight Tritium map is a ring of green or orange (your choice) photoluminescent material. During daylight conditions, this surface collects and stores ambient light, so it glows for hours after exposure. In the dark, the Tritium vial provides a partial charge. The result is you’ll see a larger, and brighter, front sight dot in all conditions, especially those “in between” dark and light environments.

Standard 3-dot sights have equally sized lamps front and back and since the rear are closer to your eyes, they can often appear brighter and distract focus from the front sight. The XS RAM’s front lamp is twice as bright and 30 percent larger than those flanking the rear notch. You’ll notice a blacked-out steel surface surrounds the rear Tritium dots, so there is no distraction. You won’t have any trouble finding the front sight in any lighting condition.

The notch design also supports natural front sight focus. The rear notch is enlarged, making it easy for you to see the front post. It also has rounded corners in the bottom; that’s an optical trick that aids rapid elevation sight alignment. Your eyes focus on sharp corners first — in this case the upper edges of the notch. The leading edge of the rear notch features a relief cut creating a wider field of view through the notch.

With premium sights, the little details make all the difference. If you’re a traditional “post and notch” shooter, check out the RAMs. For more information:


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