Punt Away

I’m thinking of the kind of firepower I’d need for such a complicated mission. Since I don’t know what powder to use for a ray gun (Galaxy Thrust FFFg?) and don’t have one anyway, this wasn’t an option. So I got to thinkin’ — serious-like.

I wished I knew how to create a force field, one that would protect us all from extraterrestrial beings. Then it came to me — transportation! Aliens use flying saucers as their mode of transportation. These aircraft are shaped just like — clay pigeons! I figured a Punt Gun, like the market hunters used to use on the Eastern shore, would do the trick.

Standing 10 feet tall and able to shoot a pound of black powder — and a pound-and-a-half of lead shot — I’d be able to down any saucer acting like an innocent clay bird. Ha, got cha’.

I knew aliens also liked to abduct humans for examination, comparison and hideous experiments. They’d levitate the human with an anti-gravity force field, and up they’d float. I better be prepared.