Gear Aid Led Light Powerstation

| Gunny Sack |

By Mark Kakkuri

Light up your area with brilliant white light. Charge up your phone (6 to 10 times on one charge). Survive, call for help, escape. Or light up the campsite with a gentle orange light, power your portable speakers and enjoy a peaceful night in the backcountry, no matter the weather. Gear Aid’s LED Light Powerstation is packed with handy features: 82 ultra-bright LEDs with three color temperatures, 640 lumens of light, adjustable brightness and even a pre-programmed SOS. It’s rechargeable, powered-up via a mini-USB connector and provides a USB output. Depending on how you use it, you’ll get 13 to 192 hours of use out of a single charge. A battery level indicator lets you know how much power remains.

All of this is housed in a very durable, weatherproof case which will endure all kinds of harsh conditions — snow, rain, sleet and sand. A built-in kickstand makes setting it up and directing the light very easy, and an included stainless steel hook allows you to hang it wherever you need it. Add an optional mounting bracket for even more functionality. Note: This is no bulky, heavy light. Measures about 4″ x 4″ x 2” and weighs about a pound. For reference, that’s a 9mm cartridge next to it in the picture. Retail price: $149.95. For more info,, Ph: (360) 671-2227

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