SA Ruger

Of course the single-action Ruger New Model Blackhawk needs no clips and can’t use them anyway. Its ejector rod aside the barrel pops empties right out. The Blackhawk is a big handgun though. Barrel length is 6.5", grips are hard rubber, rear sight is fully adjustable and front sight is a ramp type. Weight is a hefty 45 ounces. My sample was blued steel and had an anodized aluminum grip frame and ejector rod housing.

One has to wonder about the barrel cylinder gap of 9mm revolvers affecting velocities. So I did a couple of little tests. My shortest barreled semi-auto 9mm is a S&W Model 39. Its barrel length is 4". Of course pistol barrel lengths include the chamber but revolver barrel lengths do not. With Black Hills 115-grain FMJ factory loads my Model 39 gave 1,203 fps, the Taurus gave 1,133 fps, the Ruger LCR gave 1,125 fps and the big 6.5" Blackhawk gave 1,322 fps. There perhaps is a bit of velocity loss with the barrel cylinder gap but it appears barrel length is a more important factor.

As a little aside here I can give a warning which will perhaps help other 9mm revolver shooters. I have some European military surplus 9mm ammunition headstamped VPT61. I bought it as Czech-made but a knowledgeable friend says it’s Finnish-made. Regardless, it functioned fine out of my Model 39 semi-auto and ejected perfectly from the Blackhawk. But brothers, don’t fire that stuff in these little revolvers! It was hot enough I had to tap the ejector rods of both rather smartly with a wooden stick to pop the empty cases out.