Does It Work?

I brought a mixed bag of factory .45 Colt and .45 ACP loads to the range the first time, and since I’m no Sergeant York, shot the gun for accuracy off a sandbag rest at seven and 15 yards. Cocking the hammer, the 24/7-sight pops into view like a full moon clearing the horizon. No problem seeing this front sight. And I had no problem keeping five shots of Black Hills .45 Colt 250s within 1¼". Next up was Winchester .45 Colt Silvertip. The group shrank to 1". Moving all the way back to 15 yards the Winchester Silvertips stayed within 1" while the Black Hills opened up a bit beyond 1¼".

Surprisingly where this little gun comes alive is with the .45 ACP cylinder. Shooting Blazer 200 JHPs I had no problem putting the shots on top of each other at the 7-yard line. But at 15 yards the Speer Gold Dot 230s gave consistent ¾" groups, with light recoil for a defensive handgun load, and were a joy to shoot. Defensive handgun accuracy … I’ll say. Not only was the gun dead on for windage, it also shot to point of aim with the ammunition I used. The people at Robar do good work.