Airguns & Airsoft

High-Tech Fun-Power!

What’s inexpensive to shoot and maintain, doesn’t need hearing protection and is just plain fun to shoot? Yup, airguns and airsoft. And, if you live in the city limits it gives you a chance to scratch that itch to shoot. Don’t have access to full autos? Got you covered there too. It’s starting to make sense, right? From tackling pests or varmints on your property to introducing a buddy to the fun of shooting, this may be the ticket. We’ve picked a small round-up of goodies, guns and gear to get the brain cells working. Now go get ’em!


Umarex has cloned the fabled Single Action Army and this air-powered sixgun can either be blued or nickled. It holds six spherical steel rounds and, in a nifty touch, has to be half-cocked to remove or load casings — just like the real thing. Also true to the original, you can “fan” this Peacemaker, without beating up your “real” gun playing western hero.


Umarex recently debuted the CO2-powered airsoft replica of the Heckler & Koch 45. This sleek 6mm HK45 uses a built-in hop-up system and holds 15 rounds in a drop-free magazine. Keeping close to its HK roots, this semi-auto includes a Picatinny accessory rail, safety lever and ambidextrous magazine release.

Gamo Outdoors

In Gamo Outdoors’ line of wood-stocked rifles, the Coyote comes loaded with features that’ll keep you out plinking. The new CAT (Custom Action Trigger) system is handy, allowing you to adjust the first and second stage of the trigger independently to modify its total travel. This plinking rocket delivers pellets up to 1,200 fps with non-lead ammo in .177-caliber, 1,100 in .22-caliber and 900 fps in .25-caliber. It also features a Recoil Reducing Rail, so your scope doesn’t take a beating.


Even though you can buy biodegradable BB’s, your significant other or roommates likely won’t appreciate you honing your airsoft skills in the house on a rainy day. Laser Ammo offers a more “tame” solution with their Airsoft Rifle SureStrike Cartridge and adapters — which converts any airsoft rifle into a laser-emitting training platform. The SureStrike cartridge is vibration-activated and emits an IR or visible red laser that you can program to activate electronic targets, simulators or even MILES gear. It’s available in a variety of configurations for training, so get your indoor obstacle course ready.


The Benjamin Armada simply oozes cool with its Magpul MOE grip, 6-position stock and M-LOK aluminum handrail with Picatinny rails. The folks at Crosman got it right when they worked with Magpul to design an air rifle with Mil-Spec dimensions — so you can take your favorite accessories from an AR and mount them on this PCP rifle. Chambered in .22-caliber and delivering shots downrange at 1,000 fps, this would make a great rifle for plinking or for hunting small game. About $999.99 MSRP for this high-quality set-up.


Gletcher makes a cross-section of airguns, revolvers and airsoft guns — keeping the company’s mantra of “military precision” in mind. The M712 caught our eye, as it has the main highlights of the original 1932 model — including its famous “broom handle” grip. It has a rarity among airguns: a little something called burst-firing mode. Sounds like there’s lots of fun to be had, eh? It shoots .177-caliber steel BB’s at 361 fps, and with a magazine capacity of 18 rounds, we imagine you’ll need an extra mag or four.

Sun Optics

While taking your airgun out to long distances, you’re going to need a little help to make hits — that’s where the Air-A-TAC line from Sun Optics USA comes in. These airgun scopes come in 3-9×50 (pictured), 4-16×50 and 6-24×50 and thanks to their durable nature, can be used on conventional rifles as well. The fast focus eyepiece enables quick adjustments and the glass-etched reticle includes a micro IR red/green/blue mil-dot, which won’t cover your target. If you’re not using the IR, the reticle stays black.

Hatsan USA

The Hatsan USA TAC-BOSS 250XT is a CO2 BB semi-auto looking pretty much exactly like a Ruger Standard Auto so would be a great teammate for your matching “real” gun. Magazine fed, it holds 17 “rounds” and delivers about 430 fps from a BB. A fiber optic front sight, DA-only trigger and safety make it very gun-like. It’s pretty accurate too, and not only makes a dandy target gun, plinker and trainer, but would be great fun to chase the odd mouse or such around the barn. At $75.95, it’s not “cheaply” made, and shows good fit and finish.


Also from Hatsan, the BT65 rifle is a .25-caliber blaster delivering 1,250 fps from a heavy 19.9-gr. lead pellet. We’re talking .22 LR power here, and as a pre-charged pneumatic (3,000 psi!), you’ll need a proprietary pump or scuba tank to fill it. The BT65 has an excellent 2-stage trigger, rifled barrel and top-quality workmanship. It’s ready for a scope, has TruGlo sights and feeds from a rotary magazine (poking out in the photo). It exhibits top quality and a “real” rifle feel for around $770 MSRP.