Personal Thoughts

Let’s read this right from the Les Baer website.

“Most successful people know that when you find a formula that works, you really don’t need to change it. Of course, it’s still important to be innovative and to pursue new concepts and ideas. For well over a quarter-century, Les Baer Custom has focused on equipping the firearms community with the best quality, most reliable and accurate custom 1911 pistols and AR-style rifles on the planet. And, as always, they are made right here in America’s heartland. So we are still able to provide precision-built American classics for discriminating shooters while providing jobs for American workers and supporting both our local and national economies.

That formula works for us because you have continued to tell us it works for you.”

It’s signed by Les, and now you know who we’re dealing with here.

I’ve had the pleasure — honor? — to own several Les Baer custom guns over the decades. Every single one was a stand-out in accuracy, reliability and performance at every level. Baer guns work, shoot consistently well, last pretty much forever without wearing out, and offer a fit, finish and engineering excellence with no need to hide from anyone — or anything. So a history of solid design allows Les’ team to make incremental changes or improvements, well-thought-out, before offering them to we mere mortals. The Boss .45 is one of those offerings.