Canik Mete MC9

The Micro Compact Carry Gun for Smart People

I’m an unapologetic fan of Canik handguns. Century imports them, and nowadays, there are scads of variations. From the very first TP9 introduced back in 2012, this line of reasonably priced combat handguns has expanded to include service weapons, competition race pistols, and variants optimized for concealed carry. Throughout it all, the TP9 family has manifested superb quality, cutting-edge design, and a little something extra, all at a price that was consistently way better than the other guys.

The typical TP9 came as a package with a spare magazine, a decent concealment holster, and sundry support equipment like a magazine loader and cleaning gear. The Mete line took that to the next level. It was like a DIY gunman kit. Just add ammo, and you were proof against most any threat. With the new Mete MC9, the mad geniuses at Canik have breached the wall into the micro-compact world.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, micro-compact carry guns are all the rage. It’s tough to divine why we are just now figuring this out, but nowadays, it is reasonable to expect your carry gun to ride comfortably underneath shorts and a T-shirt yet still pack a dozen or more rounds onboard. In years past, a combat pistol with a 15-round magazine capacity was as big as your left shoe and weighed as much as a brick. Nowadays, that same 15-round handgun will hide in the front pocket of your 501s. I’m guessing 9mm rounds were somehow bigger back then.

The rub is that, like everything fresh, new, and innovative, such capabilities have, in the past at least, been expensive. Add to that the obligatory carry rigs, spare mags, and support gear, and you could be flirting with a grand for a state-of-the-art concealed carry gun. And then there is the Mete MC9.

The Canik Mete MC9 is compact, reliable, accurate and powerful. It also comes in a C-note or two less than the Other Guys. It represents a superb value in a cutting-edge concealed carry gun.

The Trappings Of Wealth

God knows I cannot be trusted with wealth, good looks, or fame. That is why He, in His infinite wisdom, saw fit to withhold all three of these critical attributes from me. Now well into my fifth decade, it is becoming increasingly obvious I am not destined to own a jet airplane, cause attractive women to swoon when we pass each other on the street, or host my own wildly popular Instagram channel. Were I rich, good-looking and famous, I would be that obnoxious guy who commutes to the local firing range every afternoon in his own personal gold-plated fighter jet.

Warren Buffett lives in the same modest ranch-style home he bought half a century ago for $31,500. That guy has a net worth of $60 billion and yet still takes his meals out at Dairy Queen. The fact he legitimately owns Dairy Queen means he probably gets his DQ Oreo Blizzards at a steep discount and is quite likely treated fairly well whenever he eats there. If I owned Dairy Queen, I’d eat there a lot, too.

Carlos Slim could spend $1,000 every minute for the next century and still not burn through his fortune. He nonetheless doesn’t own a boat and flies commercial because apparently, private jets are just such a hassle. The Indian philanthropist Azim Premji is worth $16.2 billion, yet he drives a beat-up old Toyota. In each of these cases, these exceptionally wise investors focused their resources on the things that matter while eschewing those that don’t. Along the way, they became just filthy rich.

By contrast, I save and scrape until I can secure my next modest gun-related conquest and then index onto the next short-term fix. I would say it is like drug addiction, but heroin addicts typically show a bit more restraint than do I. After my passing, I will likely leave my kids enough ordnance to topple the Venezuelan government along with $5.67 in change harvested from underneath the sofa cushions.

The point is that really smart people invest their assets wisely. They seek out stuff that is reliable and effective yet represents good value for the money. That is the perfect description of the new Canik Mete MC9 micro-compact pistol.

The Canik Mete MC9 is a DIY concealed carry kit all in one tidy lockable box. The included CCW holster is superbly well-executed.

The Canik family of 9mm defensive pistols has evolved into
something extraordinary in the past 11 years.Each gun offers
state-of-the-art performance at a very reasonable price.

Technical Bits

Three years in the making, the Mete MC9 has literally all the bells and whistles. The gun comes in a lockable case with a flush-fitting 12-round magazine as well as an extended 15-rounder. There is also an extended magazine base plate if your fifth finger is feeling lonely and needs someplace to hang out with its friends. The custom IWB holster is the equal to any other name-brand carry rig. There are three interchangeable backstraps as well as a full array of maintenance, support and cleaning tools.

The MC9 is 1.12″ wide, 4.52″ tall and 6.1″ long. This puts its dimensions solidly in the same league as the big-name micro compacts. The MC9 sports a 3.18″ barrel and weighs a paltry 21.2 oz. unloaded. The slide is cut for an optic, and the steel sights will readily co-witness. I’ve been in this gig a long time, and I really can’t think of anything you might want that this gun doesn’t include as standard kit. Additionally, the MSRP is only $439.99. That is substantially cheaper than any comparable gun elsewhere, and it includes all the cool-guy stuff for which you’d most typically pay extra.

At 12 meters, the Canik Mete MC9 groups just fine.

The Canik Mete MC9 is compact and maneuverable.
It is the equal of guns costing hundreds more.

Taking It Out For A Spin

If you’re like me and you carry a gun any time you’re not asleep or in the shower, then how a gun packs is on par with how well it shoots. When coupled with a decent gun belt, the IWB holster that comes with the Mete MC9 rides comfortably underneath my surgical scrubs at work while not alarming the little old lady who wants to prattle on for decades about her hemorrhoids. The Mete MC9 really does ride as comfortably as any other micro compact I have had the privilege of tasting.

On the range, the Mete MC9 continues the legacy of excellence for which Canik has become justifiably renowned. The gun is small, but that is the point. The superlative design ensures the pistol is still controllable, accurate and smooth.

The slide stop is replicated on both sides, and the magazine release is readily reversible should you be cursed with left-handedness. The primary safety is a blade built into the trigger face. The gun presents quickly and runs well. The striker-fired trigger is the equal to guns costing hundreds more. So long as I paid attention at reasonable CQB ranges, I could absolutely dominate a discarded Coke can.

The Canik Mete MC9 is the perfect addition to your daily defensive loadout.


Maybe you made better life choices than did I. You might have spare money cluttering up the crawl spaces in your attic and packed underneath your bed. Maybe you mulch your extra cash up along with premium imported alfalfa to feed your favorite albino unicorn. However, if, like me you have to work for your money, then the new Canik Mete MC9 from Century is the carry gun for you. It’s hands-down the best value in a micro compact carry gun in America today.

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