Trainers sometimes say things like, “Advanced tactics are just the basics, applied” — and they’re exactly correct. If you know how to press a trigger well, if your gun-handling skills are up to snuff, you’ll immediately “get” the Xtreme. When you pick the gun up, your mind’s eye will begin to run plate racks, take precision single action shots at 50 yards and you’ll “feel” it come out of the holster — snick. You’ll also sense how the low angle of attack the slide manages — sitting huddled in the frame — will help tame recoil recovery. The gun writes a story just being held and the continuous loop video plays when you pick it up. Every time.

Of course, there’s also the competent but attractive copper ceramic coating. Call it eye candy if you must, it’s nonetheless an intermediary for an extensive series of reasons why this pistol sells so well. From competitors demanding the best, to we mere mortals, we all admire its features and benefits and wish to call them our own.