Versatile Is Right

From TC a new Encore is about $775 with a barrel, and you can go from there. Or, buy a used TC Contender or Encore frame — I see them from around $250 to about $500 depending on model and condition, and at times you can even get a barrel for the deal — then build your collection. Just pay attention to ensure the barrel you’re buying fits the frame you have. Barrels on eBay and other on-line sites tend to run from a low of $150 — say, a well-used 10" .357 — with most in the $250 to $400 range. Some rare calibers will be more. There are also after-market companies specializing in the TC guns so you can customize your gun as far as your heart desires. SSK Industries is the star there, and companies like Bullberry Barrel Works can help too.

They’re easy to work on, fun to shoot and so far, every single one I’ve shot delivers amazing accuracy, more like a rifle. My 14" .30-30 barrel shoots 1" or better at 100 yards. Oh, you can also use rifle scopes — and I even recommend it most of the time. Resting your hand over the top when you shoot can hold down the recoil on all but the heavy stuff. Just ask our own Mark Hampton how fun these guns can be! For more info: