In the same vein, not too long ago the idea of modifying John Browning’s most inspired design would evoke a response akin to seeing professional athletes kneeling during the National Anthem. History has shown the more the design deviates from the original pattern, the less reliable the functioning becomes — until recently.

Not too long ago, Dan Wesson unveiled two new models designed specifically to address the red hot market of 9mm 1911’s. Just who comprises this market niche is a little difficult to identify. In today’s defensive handgun arena, 1911’s have become the target of “chronological snobbery,” the belief anything de rigueur from an earlier time is inherently inferior to the present. If you gravitate toward the garish appeal of Miley Cyrus over the dignified beauty of Kate Middleton, there’s a high-capacity, plastic gun out there with your name on it. These Dan Wessons aren’t for you. However to the cognoscenti, these guns represent an amazing value.