ETS Clear Glock Mags


I think this is simply a great idea. How cool is it to just look at your magazine and tell, literally at a glance, the state of your ammo situation? It’s very cool, that’s what it is. They are made in the USA by Elite Tactical Systems, who have established an industry-wide reputation for high quality magazines for the AR and GLOCKs. They have a bunch of models, from a shorty 10-round one for the Model 26, to an end-of-the-world 31-rounder for 9mm GLOCK models. And they pretty much cover everything in between.

They are made of a high-performance synthetic of some sort — which is the same material as a stock GLOCK mag — just translucent. ETS says the mags are resistant to impact damage, chemicals, extreme temperature changes or UV damage. They are engineered to exactly mirror stock GLOCK dimensions (including spring size) and will accept any GLOCK-type magazine base plate. The supplied base plate also has a lip to make grabbing it from a mag pouch easier.

I was amazed to see how the rounds sort of merge as the magazine narrows at the top. I had never realized there was so much going on there until I could see it clearly with the ETS magazines. Our test mags in 9mm and .40 ran 100 percent in a stock GLOCK 9mm and .40, and even the high-caps ran fine. I was really amazed. ETS says the feed lips are “creep resistant” and won’t spread when being stored long term, even when fully loaded. I’m predicting we’re going to see more of this idea, but these ETS magazines are obviously of very high quality and I’d be suspicious of any cheap copies for sure if they appear! For more info:, Ph: (855) 887-5452, Email: [email protected]

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