Exclusive: DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol Range Report



I’ve already reported on the DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol’s specifications and how it is ideally suited for pocket carry — lightweight, thin, and carrying two rounds of .45 ACP or 9mm in the double-barreled configuration. It’s the ultimate “last ditch” gun, the one you pull when it’s truly a life or death situation and you have no way out. While carrying the DoubleTap pistol is great, shooting it is an experience in an of itself. In a self-defense scenario, you probably won’t remember what it feels like to shoot this gun. When you practice, however, you’ll feel every bit of it. Just remember to practice very close to your target and use some means to protect your shooting hand.


Close Quarters Only

The DoubleTap’s trigger stroke almost mimics the stroke feel of a great double-action revolver while pulling straight straight back. It’s heavy but smooth and, in this “derrigner” style of weapon, very appropriate. For the .45 ACP version (a 9mm version is available), both barrels feature ports to help tame recoil. The sighting system only offers a tiny front post. As such, this gun’s best use is for targets that are no more than a few feet away.


Practice Sleeve or Shooting Glove

You’ve fired an S&W Airlite in .357 Magnum? That’ll help get you ready for the DoubleTap. At first, firing it in either the .45 ACP or 9mm configuration yields predictable results: a loud report, recoil, smoke, and a hole in your target, as long you’re relatively close. And then you notice that you’re still feeling the recoil. So, when you practice, use the DoubleTap’s rubber shooting sleeve or wear a shooting glove or both.

!DSC_8703The DoubleTap adds some interesting twists to the easy-to-carry, hard-to-shoot dilemma for those who carry concealed. Don’t let it’s hard-to-shoot attributes overshadow it’s easy-to-carry attributes. At 5.5 inches in length, 3.9 inches in height, just over 15 ounces in weight, and just over a half inch wide, it is very easy to conceal. It carries two rounds, one in each barrel, and two spares in the stocks, just in case a reload is needed. DoubleTap also includes speed loading strips to carry two and six rounds.

Learn more about DoubleTap at doubletapdefense.com.