Exclusive: Sneak Peak at Bond Arms New Patriot


This just in from Bond Arms — the new Patriot. Chambered in .45 Colt and .410, this baby replaces the company’s USA Defender line. You know Bond Arms derringer-style guns: sort of modern-technology-meets-old-school-philosophy. This gun provides two shots and you have to manually cock the hammer before you fire. Nothing is going to absorb recoil other than your hand. Thankfully, the gun’s weight — 1.3 lbs for the Patriot — will help offset some of the recoil. And see that holster? Designed for cross draw from a sitting position while driving. Yep, this is a specialized gun with a unique mission. Already I can hear the questions forming in your mind. Good! I want to hear them in the comments below.

Bond Arms

This Bond Defender holster fits the Patriot and carries it butt-forward, horizontally, for cross draw — mainly for ease of access when driving.

A Few Initial Observations:

Bond Arms Patriot

Patriot is small but big in key areas such as the stocks and the hammer. This allows better leverage to pull the hammer back — necessary prior to each shot.

Bond Arms Patriot

Patriot’s safety doesn’t stop the trigger from squeezing nor the hammer from falling, but it does stop the hammer from contacting the firing pins.

Bond Arms Patriot

The Patriot in ready-to-fire position with the hammer back, finger on trigger. With zero takeup, the single action trigger sports a heavy weight (exact poundage TBD).

Bond Arms Patriot

There you go: a brief overview of the Patriot, right out of the box. My initial question is why would I want to carry a heavy, chunky gun with only two rounds on board … and one I have to manually cock? Actually I’m already forming an answer: Because for a last-ditch, tough-as-nails, very safe to carry, versatile self-defense gun I want …

Wait. I’ll finish my answer later, after the Patriot has been around the block and around the range.

In the meantime, let’s hear your questions and thoughts about the Bond Arms Patriot. I’ll work in answers to your questions as I review the gun and write it up again later