Finding The Cure

TacSol helps you beat Factory Firearm Syndrome!

Here’s Tank’s targets after 10 cups of coffee and two hours’ sleep. He’s probably responsible
for the fliers, as Roy works him too hard!

Factory Firearm Syndrome (FFS) is real! Found on the DSM IV axis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, it reads like this: “One who frets, sweats, fears or smears any factory firearm, in original condition.” Those afflicted want to “stand out at the firing range by either having the most accurate gun, or simply, the coolest gun, to be envied, oohed and ahhed, at the range.” Sound familiar? You bet!

This one’s a winner! TacSol Ridge-Lite Victory barrel for the Smith & Wesson Victory .22 LR,
fully installed with the Ridge-Lite Comp screwed on. Thread protector is included.

Finding The Cure

Tactical Solutions (TacSol) has the cure for what ails you and they surely have a solution for your mundane-looking factory firearm. With 16 years of experience behind them, TacSol is the leader for lightweight, precision firearms and barrels. You’ll have several options, choosing from a variety of innovative add-ons, as you spruce-up your selected heater while increasing performance.

What was my target? Smith & Wesson’s Victory Model .22 pistol. Smith brought it out a couple of years ago and to me it looked like the child of a Browning Buck Mark and Ruger MKIII — both good things. What made the Victory really interesting to me was how easy it is to mess around with. With the simple removal of a single Allen head screw, the barrel is easily removed.

TacSol sent me a Ridge-Lite barrel upgrade for the Victory pistol to try out to give me a taste of what they offer; it didn’t disappoint. The barrel upgrade is machined to lessen weight with stylish flutes, while improving accuracy and reliability over the standard S&W factory barrel.

The Ridge-Lite barrel is a really nice addition to the Victory pistol and has attractive flutes
to reduce weight. Shown with thread protector installed.

The Details

The TacSol 6″ barrel weighs 8 oz., consisting of a 6061-T6 aluminum outer sleeve, stainless steel shank and Chromoly steel liner. A one-piece aluminum cantilevered Picatinny-rail complements the fiber optic front and adjustable rear sight, allowing easy mounting of accessory optics.

The barrel’s muzzle is threaded with the 1/2″ X28 universal thread-pitch for easy installation of a compensator or suppressor, and a thread protector is included. My sample shipped with the Ridge-Lite Comp, a multi-directional compensator.

I had two types of factory .22 ammo on hand for testing. First was some Eley contact ammo, a 42-gr. round-nosed “sub-sonic” solid with a velocity of 1,090 fps. The second was Federal 510 ammo, a 40-gr. solid with a velocity of 1,240 fps.

I shot each ammo type in 10-shot strings from the bench at 25 yards. Both brands shot extremely well and the converted S&W Victory with TacSol Ridge-Lite barrel functioned perfectly. Extraction and ejection were both flawless, with empties being tossed with authority. The factory trigger on my gun was also very nice. Way to go, S&W!

Group size for both types of ammo using the fiber optic sights was usually just under 1″ for eight of out of 10 shots, with a few fliers. Regardless, I’m impressed with the performance of this converted gun. It balances well in the hand and is a blast to shoot. I’m sure groups would shrink and be more consistent if a scope or red dot type sight were used.

The top of the cantilevered Picatinny rail allows for easy installation of scope or red dot type sight.
Boy, those fiber optic sights really glow!

Beat The Disease

The Tactical Solutions Ridge-Lite Victory Barrel is the perfect accessory for one who is a bullseye bigwig, handgun hunter or professional plinker and wants an easy, hands-on type conversion. Heck, even I can unscrew a simple Allen screw.

Don’t deny yourself a cure for your case of FFS. Help is but a click or call away. The Ridge-Lite TacSol barrel has an MSRP of $355. The Ridge-Lite Comp MSRP is $42.

For more info: Tactical Solutions
Ph: (866) 333-9901

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