The most advanced pistol FN has ever designed, the new 509 LS EDGE was built with accuracy, control, speed and versatility in mind from muzzle to baseplate.

Most notable about the 509 LS EDGE is its long slide, thus LS. Measuring 8.2” overall, the longer slide houses a 5” target-crowned, hammer-forged barrel while offering a 6.7” sight radius for tack-driving precision. Sporting a long-wearing Graphite PVD finish, the slide features dual-purpose front lightening cuts, reducing weight for faster follow-up shots as well as acting as front slide serrations, matching angled serrations in the rear.

Atop the slide, a blackout rear notch sight is protected by FN’s Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System plate, which can be removed and replaced with one of four provided miniature red dot (MRD) plates for popular sight options, leaving the tall rear sight to co-witness. A green fiber optic sight sits upfront, offering red dot shooters the ability to more easily focus on either their optic or the LS EDGE’s front sight.