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N.C. Ordnance makes beautiful replacement grips for handguns, such as this rosewood set for the Colt Python.

Proper grip is the cornerstone to good shooting. It is the very foundation of consistent trigger pull and shot placement. Grips are also one of the easiest ways to enhance your favorite handgun while also making stocks more comfortable.

What do you do when your prized Python factory stocks crack from years of shooting it; or worse, your nimrod nephew drops your Colt and chips the cherished stocks? What if you’ve always wanted a set of ram horn stocks, but have a limited budget?

N.C. Ordnance can help you out with all these problems. Let me tell you about this friendly business used to bailing out guys like you and me.

The Colt Python 2nd Generation Smiley Grips complement this classic revolver quite well.

.C. Ordnance Inc. has been making reproduction grips, butt-plates and grip-caps for 43 years. They have over 2,200 reproduced grips and butt-plates on hand, made from molds built by master makers, using factory original parts and engineered urethane. N.C. Ordnance arguably makes the best quality parts available in the world.

N.C. Ordnance’s mission is to “offer superior products and give unmatched service that still impresses even our oldest customers.” Looking at the quality of these stocks, I’d say they do just that in leaps and bounds!

Here are a couple of models that caught our eye …

The Ruger Vaquero XR3-RED stocks are a great addition for your single-action.

Ruger Vaquero XR3-RED

These ram horn stocks are skillfully poured, using the finest engineered urethanes for a close, professional fit for the Ruger XR3-RED grip-frame. The stocks are hand-boned and dyed, giving the natural look and feel of real ram horn, without the risk of cracking, warping, shrinking or smelling.

Each set is as different and distinguished as real ram horn. They are beauties for sure and a bargain to boot at a very reasonable price. They also come with a blued screw for a classic look. Ram horn stocks have an MSRP of $85.

The grips feature an inlaid Colt medallion.

The checkering is expertly crafted on the N.C. Ordnance grips.

Colt Python 2nd Generation Smiley Grips

Made of beautiful American black walnut or Siamese rosewood, these stocks show excellent color with black accent figure lines. A correct Smiley pattern checkering is used on these raised panels. Correct factory Colt gold medallion and screw set are used. The craftsmanship is excellent and fit is picture perfect.

Walnut stocks run for $225 and Rosewood $245, a real bargain when you compare what original Colt Python stocks go for now. Yikes!
To sweeten the deal, N.C. Ordnance has same day shipping!

For more info:
N.C. Ordnance
Ph: (252) 237-2440