Alex continued, “We also offer a steel-framed 5" Government version with an integral light rail, adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. It’s about perfect for competition, at the range or self defense.”

At 35 oz. empty, but with the same 17+1-round 9mm capacity, the all-steel version puts felt recoil in the .380 range to me. If you’re older, infirm or are simply tired of being beat-up with recoil, this is the gun for you. You could shoot it for fun, plink, shoot targets at the indoor range, enjoy a weekend match or defend your family — all with the same gun. And you’d be very comfy while you did it.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed the finish. According to Alex, the use of Cerakote gives Guncrafter a lot of flexibility to come up with some really stunning and durable finish combinations. From “hot” colors to more sublime combinations, you can pretty much get what you dream about.