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Big or Small — Reliability is Job One

We like shotguns and rifles for home defense, but we really like handguns, too. Full-size handguns are legit options for home defense, but so are sub-compacts and all manner of revolvers. The gun you have “at-hand” is likely the gun you’ll use to defend yourself or your family. Keep this in mind if you’re in the market. Big is powerful, controllable and effective — but may not always be close at hand. The Ruger LCP II you have in the pocket of your shorts just may be the one you use to protect the ramparts!

Comprised of American stainless steel and custom wood grips, Colt’s King Cobra “Target Revolver” has all the marks of a classic combat revolver, weighing in at 39 oz. with a 9.25″ overall length. This is no plinker but a 6-round .357 Magnum with a 4.25″ barrel. The addition of an adjustable rear sight gives it plenty of versatility, while remaining a solid home defense choice too. Whether you’re in competition or in your home, it’ll deliver the goods if you do your part. MSRP: $999.


Mossberg’s MC1sc marks another entry in the sub-compact 9mm arena. The MC1sc sports a 3.4″ stainless steel barrel with Diamond-Like Coating, stainless steel slide and glass-reinforced frame. The trigger’s flat profile features an integrated blade safety, breaking at 5 to 6 lbs. Features on this gun include the oversized trigger guards, ClearCount 6- and 7-round magazines, and reversible magazine release. Low-profile, white three-dot sights provide an excellent sight picture. Overall length is 6.25″ and it weighs 19 oz. MSRP: $421.


Naroh Arms recently came out with the N1, a 9mm pocket pistol. Sporting an aluminum internal frame with a polymer exterior, the N1 measures 6.1″ long, less than 1″ wide, and weighs 19 oz. loaded. There’s white, 3-dot sights and two magazines (one flush fit, one extended) carrying seven rounds each. The N1 offers a go-virtually-anywhere concealed carry option. Retail $399 (black nitride) or $410 (silver stainless). www.naroharms.com


Dan Wesson knows 1911’s and their parent company knows CZs, so combining both is a natural. Their new DWX has a CZ75 style grip frame and 1911-style slide. Combining parts from both models, the DWX does away with the 1911 swinging link and uses a bushing-less system too. Holding 19+1 in 9mm (also available in .40) and weighing 43 oz., the DWX is a full-sized “duty” type pistol promising great ergonomics and shootability. The rail allows a home defense light. MSRP: $1,799.


Another “slim nine” for consideration, Ruger’s Security 9 follows a long legacy of excellent pistols. Offering a Hogue Beavertail HandALL grip sleeve with Cobblestone texturing, the Security 9 rides securely in-hand. Weighing in at 22.5 oz. and measuring 6.52″ overall and 4.35″ tall, the Security 9’s slide is just over 1” wide. Capacity is 10 rounds of 9mm in a steel magazine (you get two), and the glass-filled nylon frame houses a trigger with an integrated safety lever. MSRP: $399.


Springfield Armory’s hot new Hellcat is 4″ tall, 6″ long and 1″ wide, yet holds 13+1 9mm in the slightly extended magazine version. The highest round count of any of the compact 9mm autos. Weighing in at a lightweight 18.3 oz. the 3″ barrel is hammer-forged, the frame has a standard light rail and there is an optics-ready model. Top slide serrations, a loaded chamber indicator and reversible mag release are among the features. MSRP: $569.


The new Taurus 1911 Commander in 9mm is sure to become popular. This 9+1 auto has classic Commander features like a 4.2″ barrel and single stack 1911 grip frame. Drift-adjustable Novak front and rear sights, a firing pin block and all-steel construction make it safe and easy to shoot and a great companion piece to their .45 ACP version. MSRP: $639. www.taurususa.com


IWI US launched its MASADA pistol, a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm, optics-ready! This 17+1 capacity auto weighs 20 oz. (without the mag), has polygonal rifling, 3-dot sights and an overall length of 7.4″. It can handle several brands of dot sights, has a removeable trigger group, a six-lb. trigger with built-in safety and a light rail. MSRP: $480. www.iwi.us


We had to get another revolver in, so check out Ruger’s new Custom Shop Super GP100 Competition Revolver. Sure, it may be geared toward competition, but this just means it’s fast, reliable, accurate and proven. Perfect for home defense too! The 5.5″ barrel can send eight rounds of .357 Magnum downrange as fast as you can pull the smooth DA trigger. The Custom Shop polishes and tunes the internals, and the adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front allow you to dial it in for your favorite load. MSRP: $1,549. www.ruger.com


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