IWI Masada Slim

Powerful Packable Protection

The Masada 9S is the compact concealed carry version of the superlative IWI Masada combat pistol.

The IWI Masada Slim packs all that is righteous and wholesome about the full-sized Masada combat pistol into a chassis you can comfortably carry underneath shorts and a T-shirt. Sporting the same rarefied feature set as the full-sized gun along with an impressive 13+1 magazine capacity, the Masada Slim offers service pistol performance in an eminently portable package. Such stuff would have been unimaginable a generation ago.

The Masada Slim is a compact polymer-framed, striker-fired combat pistol purpose-designed for the concealed carry mission. With an empty weight of only 1.27 pounds and an intentionally trim architecture, the Masada Slim is your EDC (Everyday Carry) companion. Packed with features and brought to you by the same good folks who produced the Galil combat rifle and the Uzi submachine gun, the Masada Slim is the reasonably-priced pocket gun that could conceivably save your life.

The Masada 9S packs the same sorts of features you might find in a full-sized pistol into something
which will comfortably ride underneath shorts and a t-shirt.

Ballistic Philosophy

When I was a kid I imagined the future might be all shuttle trips to the moon and flying cars. It turns out I was completely wrong. The future was microelectronics and the capacity to carry more computer power in my pocket than put men on the moon. It turns out I was comparably confused concerning social issues.

I grew up in the Deep South surrounded by firearms. We used them for hunting, competition and recreation. What we did not typically do, is carry guns for protection.

The world seemed oddly safer back then. Many big cities were actually statistically worse in the 1970s than is the case today, but rural life where I grew up was monotonously secure and docile. Then something changed.

Now it seems every time you turn on the news something truly horrible is going on someplace. Schools, stores, malls, and churches — nothing seems safe anymore. While the reaction of some folks is to stick their heads in the sand and scream about the social issues that will never change, the rest of us choose to take an active role in our security.

As I type these words, half the country enjoys some form of permitless constitutional carry and thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, the enslaved parts of the country will soon taste some of that sweet freedom as well. I never imagined such a situation when I was a kid.

“If the scavengers ever come after me, at the very least I will make them work for it.

I have packed a gun every day of my life for more than a quarter century now. This firearm is the reason I can take my family out in a world gone nuts without fear. If the scavengers ever come after me, at the very least I will make them work for it.

With so much riding on it, your choice of a concealed carry gun takes on outsized importance. I might cut corners on my dishwashing detergent or mayonnaise but my concealed carry gun will be accurate, rugged, comfortable to carry — and dead-nuts reliable. The IWI Masada Slim is all those things and more.

The Masada 9S (right) is the new miniaturized version of the full-sized Masada combat pistol.


The sights on the Masada Slim incorporate a white dot front and blacked out rear for fast acquisition. The slide comes with a standard RMR Shield optics cut to accommodate most micro red dot optics. The 3.4-inch stainless steel barrel is rifled 1-in-10 to the right.

The flat-faced trigger is built for both comfort and safety. The break is clean and crisp, and the reset abbreviated. A built-in blade safety in the trigger face is drop safe and requires no conscious thought. With your finger clear, the gun is on safe. Put your finger into the trigger guard and the safety comes off automatically.

Just like its larger brother, the fire control unit is modular, serialized and removable for easy cleaning. The gun can naturally be serviced without tools. The compact box magazine packs a full 13 rounds of 9mm Para onboard, and the gun comes with a spare.

Meet the family (L to R) — the IWI Masada, the Masada Tactical, and the Masada Slim. Together they comprise a uniquely capable family of tactical handguns.

Practical Tactical

The Masada Slim is the archetypal compromise. The grip is just big enough to fill the hand for safe comfortable operation yet remains sufficiently compact for easy concealment. The stubby barrel and slide mean the gun is not miserable to sit on while at work or in the car. Aggressive gripping grooves both front and rear let you run the slide quickly even when sweaty or terrified.

The left-sided controls are easily accessed, but you’ll likely never use them for real. This is a concealed carry pistol designed by professionals. If ever you reach for this gun in a crisis it will be a come-as-you-are party. Thankfully, the Masada Slim gives you a full fourteen rounds onboard without a reload. This should be adequate to address any reasonable disaster as well as most of the unreasonable sorts as well.

The Masada Slim offers optimized everything at a price markedly less than its competition. Inexpensive usually means cheap, but not this time. With an MSRP of $450 the Masada Slim is the reasonably-priced EDC solution you can legit bet your life on.

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