Sight Silliness

Here’s something else about that Number Five. For a safe queen those Smith & Wesson adjustable sights are fine. Back in the days when I did roam around the outdoors with a handgun on my hip, I quickly learned that adjustable sights were a liability. Throw a stirrup up over your saddle to adjust the cinch and if it plops back down guess what it will bash 90 percent of the time. Right! It will likely hit the sights on your holstered handgun. Even when I drove my old 1951 Willys Jeep station wagon around Montana’s logging roads, I came to feel adjustable sights were a nuisance. You see, that old jeep’s door would try to close before I was fully out. Many times it also bashed my holstered handgun. Furthermore, shooting showed my adjustable sighted handguns were forever becoming un-adjusted. With fixed sights that wasn’t a problem.

Being able to see a handgun’s sights is absolutely necessary for decent shooting. At age 60 now, my un-spectacled eyes don’t see any handgun’s sights well enough perform good shooting. Instead of adding custom bigger sights on my handguns, my remedy was to visit an eye doctor accompanied by a Colt SAA.