Unique to the handgun manual of arms, each letter corresponds to a step of operation. The Guardian magazine is engraved with a right facing bullet and the letter “A,” as well as a matching letter on the magazine release. After loading, shooters are directed to get a firm grip on the gun, placing their trigger finger on a textured pad marked with the letter “B” on either side of the frame ahead of the takedown levers until ready to fire. To chamber a round or clear a malfunction, “C” shape slide cuts instruct the shooter to grip and charge the slide. Finally, when ready to take aim and fire, proprietary SELF “D”fense sights — formed with a traditional GLOCK rear sight and peep sight-style front sight — allow shooters to easily acquire their target “20% faster,” according to company lab tests.

In addition to the pistol itself, the Guardian Self Defense Package also includes five inert training bullets, a locking case and various online self-defense firearm and legal training. The Guardian is available with a black or gray frame and black or gray barrel. MSRP is $779.95.