Looks Matter

Elmer’s signature is laser engraved on the bottom right side of the frame, while the bottom left side has “500 Linebaugh” clearly and proudly marked on it. The barrel has Magnum Research Pillager, MN lasered into it.

Brett Pikula tells me the pins, ejector rod button and screw, trigger, and base-pin latch screw have been heat-treated, giving them a gold-tone finish complementing the brushed stainless steel wheelgun.

The oversized cylinder has recessed chambers, providing the loading gate support during recoil. Brett has worked on every BFR revolver since Magnum Research took them over in 2001 (over 25,000) and runs the Custom Shop.

The flat rear sight is serrated, adjustable for windage and elevation and of square notch design. When matched with the tall ramped front sight, it provides a wonderful sight picture for the heavy loads the .500 Linebaugh requires.

Lastly, the gun has a free spinning cylinder, meaning should you overturn the cylinder while loading, reversing direction is possible.