The Rest Of The Story

Co-conspirator German General Friedrich Fromm, the Commander-in-Chief of the Replacement Army, had von Stauffenberg along with his aide and other coup participants arrested in a failed effort at saving his own skin. He staged a sham court martial and sentenced them all to death, ostensibly in an effort at covering up his own involvement. At 0100 on July 21, 1944, the entire group was executed via firing squad by the headlights of an Army truck. Von Stauffenberg’s last words were, “Long live our sacred Germany!”

Von Stauffenberg’s brother Berthold was also a plotter. He was tried and convicted by a pro forma “People’s Court” and sentenced to death by slow suffocation. He was strangled and then resuscitated multiple times before finally succumbing. The entire ghastly process was filmed so Hitler could enjoy it at his leisure. Ultimately some 20,000 Germans were executed or dispatched to concentration camps as a result of the failed coup.