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20+1 Rounds of Rimfire fun

The P322 has an ergonomic grip and comes with adjustable fiber optic sights. Shown in out-of-the-box configuration.

Legendary firearm manufacturer SIG SAUER just entered a new product category with the release of the P322, a semiautomatic rimfire handgun.

The P322 is a single-action with an internal hammer.


First off, this single-action-only internal hammer-fired pistol is not a new and improved Mosquito. The P322 is American-made with much thought behind it — approximately two years of development. According to SIG, this pistol will fire anything, including golden bullet bulk ammo. Rigorous factory testing included 11 different types of ammunition and an admittedly unhealthy number of dry-fires. The P322 exceeded SIG’s 5,000-round dry-fire test with no issues. The mean stoppage rate for live fire, suppressed and unsuppressed, was over 1,000 rounds.

At a launch event at SIG SAUER Academy’s Volusia County Gun Club Outpost in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, I put it through a battery of tests. Pro shooters Max Michel, Phil Strider and Jack Barnes, joined us in running the gun on a Steel Challenge course. Their performances revealed first-hand the P322 isn’t a gun to scoff at.

The P322 equipped with ROMEOZero Elite micro red dot and silencer.

Red Dot Ready & a Flexible Trigger

Though the P322 is optics-and suppressor-ready, we utilized the included adjustable fiber optic sights for a friendly competition. They were straightforward to see and quick to acquire. I would have preferred a red dot, but the goal was to test the guns just as they come out of the box.

There was one exception. Though the guns come installed with a flat trigger, the P322 trigger is modular. Also included is a curved trigger shoe I found much more comfortable and natural to operate. Installation is super simple. Pull the shoe up and to the side, and it will slide off. Be sure both metal prongs fit inside the shoe to be installed before pushing it on the rest of the way.

Sights can also be swapped out, and this is where modularity ends. The 4″ barrel is fixed, and unlike the popular P320 line, the firing control group cannot be removed.

Serena checking out the P322 on a Steel Challenge course of fire.
Photo: Photo Credit: James Grant

P322 vs. P320

Contrary to speculation and my first thought — the P322 is not a rimfire version of the P320. It can still be a good training tool, but it doesn’t have the exact dimensions as the P320 and will not fit the same holsters. Measuring 7″ in length, 5.5″ in height and 1.4″ in width, the P322 is one inch shorter in length than the P320. The height and width dimensions are the same. The P322, at 17.1 ounces without a magazine, is also approximately ¾-pound lighter than the P320. Though these differences may seem minute, SIG SAUER representatives at the launch event clearly stated the P322 is its own animal. All innovation requires some sacrifice. In the case of the P322, the ability to function with any ammunition at an affordable price reigned supreme during the design process.

The P322 is intended as an entry point to the SIG brand and an option for youth, families and anyone looking for a quality, low-recoiling gun. The P322 will retail for around $400 and ships with two 20-round magazines and a specially designed magazine loader.

Pro tip: don’t push the follower too far. Doing so will cause rounds to stack and jam. (Ask me how I know…).

As an aside, a 25-round magazine is available as an accessory purchase, and smaller capacity mags will be available in the future for those in restricted states.

The trigger is modular. Both a flat and curved trigger shoe are included.

Features and Disassembly

The stainless-steel frame has an integrated magwell, 1913 rail and polymer grip. A threaded barrel adapter is also included. Personally, I don’t run a silencer on a .22LR, and there really isn’t a need for a tactical light unless you engage in nocturnal varmint control. Otherwise, the rail would be handy for the addition of a laser. In my humble opinion, the greatest value of the 1913 rail is in the ability to directly mount a MantisX system for training purposes.

Takedown is super easy. Ensure the gun is clear and drop the magazine. Pulling the trigger makes the process even easier, so be careful to triple-check safe status and use a safe backstop. Rotate the takedown lever, so it is vertical and pull back and up on the slide. Voila! Do the reverse to reassemble. At this stage, the entire gun (minus a red dot if mounted) can be tossed into an ultrasonic cleaner for easy cleaning.

The P322 has a 20+1 capacity and comes with a magazine loader and two 20-round magazines.

Shooting Experience

Running through a steel challenge course was an excellent way to test a gun. Rather than just fire a few rounds at a paper target (which we also did), I had the opportunity to put a few hundred rounds through the gun in an environment where both speed and accuracy mattered. I cannot comment on accuracy off a bench, but I saw consistent results on the steel challenge course with CCI Mini-Mag. The gun was very comfortable to hold, and front and rear cocking serrations made the slide easy to grasp. There is a manual safety, but I didn’t use it for much of the course. Loading 20 rounds into the magazine took a little bit of muscle — the last two rounds were like loading the last few 9mm rounds into a magazine. The loader definitely came in handy there.

Compared to other rimfire pistols on the market, the P322 shines with its 20+1 capacity, nearly twice that of other similar pistol offerings. Included fiber-optic sights and two trigger shoe options were also a win for me. This is a fun gun that I’ll heartily recommend to anyone looking for a rimfire to hone skills with, compete with, or introduce others to firearms. Ambidextrous controls also show SIG’s intent to make the P322 a good fit for as many people as possible.

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