Revolver Trappings

round-gun goodies galore!

Arevolver’s strength lies in its simplicity, but these must-have accessories will profoundly improve performance. From grip, to reloading, to cleaning, to carry — these goodies could ramp up your game so much you’ll wonder what you ever did without them!

As with any handgun, a proper grip translates to better performance. You can improve grip strength through repeated range sessions, sure — and that can get expensive. Instead, consider a grip strengthener like the ProHands Tactical. Retailing for $39.95, ProHands provides an ergonomically designed, spring-loaded piston for each finger, as well as a laser aimer to show you how steady you are as you exercise your grip.

At last check there were a thousand-billion aftermarket grips available for the not-going-away-anytime-soon revolvers out there. Some of the best come from Eagle Grips, including these smooth S&W J-Frame Round Butt Kirinite Black Pearl Secret Service Grips retailing for $149.99. These grips offer great purchase and enhanced concealability for you wheelgun aficionados. Eagle also has a long line of natural product grips for a wide range of handguns.

Revolver cartridge reloader? Bought a truckload of .38 or .357 and don’t want to fuss with 50-round boxes? MTM’s Ammo Mini Can can help. It’ll hold hundreds of rounds of loose ammo (up to 12 lbs.) offering a heavy-duty latch and comfortable handle for toting it. Water-resistant and stackable, the Ammo Mini Can is made in the USA and measures 8.4″x4.4″x6.8″ on the outside and 6.7″x3.4″x5.9″ on the inside. Retails for $6.99 — cheap!

4Finally, a better way to carry your favorite speed strip. If you’re not familiar with Red Nichols Holsters (Australia, mate!), then look them up online and enjoy Red’s unique humor. This unique speed strip holster keeps revolver reloads at the ready, all in a good-looking, durable, American horse-hide pouch likely to outlast you and your heirs! Called the “China Stripper,” it’s model B1936R, costing $85. Send an inquiry on his website for buying info.

Real Avid’s ingenious system brings multiple gun cleaning tools and equipment together. Tools are locked in place and clearly labeled and small parts stay put in a magnetic tray. A padded cleaning mat rolls up around the tools/container, all fitting into a nifty carry case. Available in three versions: AR15, Universal and Handgun ($40).

At 8.5″x5″x11″ and a 550 cu. in. capacity, Maxpedition’s Entity Small Crossbody Bag is probably the closest off-body carry you can get to on-body carry. Using the shoulder strap and carrying your revolver in the concealed carry compartment puts the revolver up against your side but with the rest of the bag surrounding it. Looking very civilian and non-tactical, the bag blends in well with any setting while offering an array of compartments, pockets and fast access to your revolver. Retails for $134 and comes in ash and charcoal colors.

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