.45 Colt Conversion & Loading Concepts

Swingin’ singles — or doubles!

Whether moon-clipped, speed-stripped, or speed-loaded, the TK Custom
converted revolver gives you versatility.

While loving the simplicity of the strong and reliable single-action thumb-cocker, I’m savvy enough to appreciate its swinging sidekick — the double-action revolver. Both revolver styles keep cartridge brass confined in the cylinder after firing, making it unnecessary to chase the leftovers, a big plus for those with an aversion to bending over. More importantly, shelling out freshly-fired brass into your hand is soothing and convenient, especially if you guard your fired brass like gold coins.

Versatile Vixen

The swing-out cylinder has the added benefits of allowing you to dump empties, as well as loading them, all at once. I’m going to show you how to enjoy your .45 Colt double-action even more, by making it a bi-caliber contender, providing you with twice the fun.

As you know, the .45 Colt is my favorite cartridge — but I still enjoy many others, especially when I can shoot them in the same gun, such as the popular and abundant .45ACP. Besides shooting .45ACP’s, I’ll show you different techniques for loading your .45 Colt cartridges, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Ruger or S&W lineage, either. If you enjoy tinkering with gun “stuff” while watching TV, you’ll love what I’m about to share with you.

Tinker Toys for girls and boys who want the most .45 Colt double-action
satisfaction they can get.

TK Custom Cool

Tom Kilhoffer, owner of TK Custom, is the moon-clip guru of the revolver world. He skillfully machines the face of your .45 Colt cylinder, allowing it to accept moon-clipped .45ACP cartridges. Besides allowing you to shoot cheaper and more abundant .45ACP’s, you now have a faster reload with the moon-clipped bound cartridges. All it takes is the skillful milling of the face of your cylinder the thickness of a moon-clip, which isn’t much at all.

The millwork provides the ability to shoot both moon-clipped .45 ACP
and .45 Colt ammo.

Cylinder Spin-Off

All you need to do is send your cylinder to TK Custom. Heck, they even have videos on their website showing you how to do it, saving you the hassle of shipping your firearm. Turn-around was less than a week and it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying another revolver to shoot just .45ACP. TK Custom is a full custom shop and offers many options for slicking up your sixgun. Check them out.

The best part of the conversion allows you to continue shooting .45 Colt cartridges, making your revolver a double-duty gun now! Call me crazy, but loading moon-clips is fun and a very fast way of reloading your sixgun.

TK Custom also makes a dandy nutcracker-style tool which saves fingers from cuts and sore thumb syndrome by pushing in the last cartridge. They also make a handy tool for removing your empties — which is actually tougher on dainty digits!

Those full moon-clips sure are handy!

.45 Colt Three-way Load

With double-action revolvers, there are three ways of feeding those cylinders. The standard way involves plunking each cartridge by hand, one at a time. There’s nothing wrong with this method, it’s even kind of satisfying as you “throw” your target a steely-eyed glare. You can even load 2 cartridges at a time as you develop more dexterity.

Speed Strips

Speed strips are handy for several reasons. They keep cartridges bound in a handy package, preventing them from “jangling” in your pocket, and allow you to load two cartridges simultaneously without risk of dropping any.

Ask any old copper and he’ll tell you the speed-loader is the greatest invention since reclining bucket-seats on the midnight shift.


Ask any old copper and he’ll tell you the speed-loader is the greatest invention since reclining bucket-seats on the midnight shift. Far faster and easier than old “dump pouches,” this handy contraption made timed qualifications a whole lot easier not to mention hot reloads during a gunfight. Speed loaders provided confidence and reduced the fear of dropping loose cartridges under stress.

I feel the need for speed: Speed-loaders provide it! Notice the proper
way of holding the revolver with two middle fingers through the cylinder
window for a secure grip.

Speed Strips are also quite handy for keeping ammo in your pocket
while in the field and reloading.

Full-Moon Favorite

You’ll be howling in delight after your full moon-clip conversion is installed, allowing you to utilize full moon-clipped, .45ACP ammo. The full moon-clip wasn’t released until the mid-80’s for competitive shooters. Prior to this, half-moon-clips were devised to take advantage of the abundance of .45ACP ammo available during WWI. An S&W employee came up with the brilliant idea of using half-moon-clips for the model 1917 revolvers made by S&W and Colt.

An HKS #25 Speed-Loader, Bianchi 44/45 Speedstrip and RS Full
Moonclips will keep your converted .45 Colt DA Revolver fed with a
variety of ammunition and enhance how you load it.

Conversion Contemplation

So, if you’re in the market for a way to make your double-action revolver a double-duty shooter in .45 Colt/.45ACP, go ahead and get the TK Custom conversion done. You’ll never regret it, as you’ll now be able to shoot it twice as much with 2 different calibers.

Shooting .45ACP is generally cheaper to reload or buy. Why not shoot for cheap when all you’re doing is punching paper at the range, or simply plinking at rocks? Save your heavy loads for the field. Either way, the choice is yours.

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