Shoot It?

Absolutely. The last step in this agreeable transformation is to sight the gun in using the exact load the client will be shooting. Eddie personally test fires the gun and regulates the load to hit where the sights look. How convenient is that, having a gun actually shoot where you aim it?

In this age of polymer frames and stamped-out clones, at times it’s good to simply sit back and enjoy something that’s … well … not one of those. Just as we gaze longingly at 1936 Packard V-12s in the pages of our favorite car magazine, so we gaze just as longingly at this equivalent delight. But the key difference is you just might have a tired old Colt sitting in a drawer, while not many of us have a tired old Packard in the garage waiting to be restored.

Think about it. It can happen. Oh, and say hi to Eddie from us, if you would?

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