Field Rig

After seeing her work, I asked Karla to make me something I could use in the real world, not something that would simply sit in a drawer somewhere. I wanted a rig to tote my N-frame S&W sixguns around our land. To her credit, Karla chatted with me for almost 45 minutes as she carefully figured out exactly what I was looking for in a field rig. She asked me what gun I generally carried, how it was used, did I drive any vehicles, what accessories did I want on the belt, and other carefully thought out questions. In the end, we decided I needed a cross-draw field holster, with a security strap, six loops for spare ammo and what she calls a “belt bag.” All done-up with brass fittings.

Since I took these purdy pictures, the rig has been worn mowing for two days on the tractor, on a dozen or more “patrols” I make on our land in an E-Z-Go checking fences and such, and a few trips on our ATV.

I’ve found it to be lightweight (always a trademark of good gear) and very, very comfortable. The cross-draw design keeps the gun handy but out of the way. I keep a few spare .45 Colt rounds in the loops, with a couple of shot loads from CCI. The belt case tends to keep a few band-aids, a vial of iodine and a bandage compress in it. Seems I’m always nicking or cutting something and it’s awfully handy to have those bits at hand.