More Shooting

I brought several brands of defensive ammo along, including Novx 65-gr. ARX, Browning 147-gr. BXP, Hornady 115-gr. Critical Defense and Fiocchi 124-gr. JHP. After shooting at least one entire magazine with a particular brand, we started mixing and matching. All in all, we shot over 500 rounds that afternoon and had absolutely no malfunctions. Five-hundred round break-in or not, we now had a broken-in gun to put to the test at 25 yards. This would require another range trip.

Back home, I cleaned the gun for the first time and a couple days later headed to my favorite outdoor range for some 25-yard shooting. That day, I fired 5-shot groups with Armscor 124-gr. FMJ, Browning 147-gr. BXP, Federal Hydrashok 115-gr. and Inceptor ARX 65-gr. The Armscor gave me one group of three inside 3", with the other two 5" and 7" away. The ARX all grouped within 5" and all rounds fired landed within a 9" circle regardless of the brand.