My Thoughts?

There wasn’t the slightest indication of any type of problem as the four of us managed to put approximately 200 rounds downrange. I didn’t expect the gun to handle as comfortably as it did, and I didn’t expect to be able to shoot it as well as I did. Even with the “hot” Critical Duty rounds, recoil was easily managed.

I carried the gun for a week in a Bianchi 101 Foldaway holster. This is a minimalist holster costing around $15, working amazingly well. It’s an OWB I covered with the shirttail of a polo shirt. I felt comfortable and secure in a variety of locations with this method of concealing a gun. I had no doubt the Ruger would be up to the task should the need to defend myself or my loved ones arise.

The MSRP on the Security-9 Compact is $379. The retail outlet at the gun range where I shot it has it listed for $339, but ran a special on it this past week for $319. That puts the Ruger Security-9 Compact right at the top of my recommendations for a 9mm double-stack compact concealed carry gun.

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