Safety features include a manual thumb safety, loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect. The magazine release button is located on the frame behind the trigger on the left side and two 10-round magazines are included. There are easy-to-grasp “ears” on both sides of the bolt allowing it to be pulled rearward easily.

I did not get caught in the shortage of .22’s, as over the years I have always watched for sales and purchased accordingly. So testing this gun found me with 15 different types of ammunition on-hand. Shooting at 12 yards gave 5-shot groups under 1″. Moving out to 20 yards saw American Eagle HP’s group 9 shots into 11/8″ with a muzzle velocity of 990 fps; CCI Green Tag, 900 fps, 1″; CCI Mini-Mag HP, 984 fps, 11/8″ and Winchester SX HP’s clocked out at 950 fps with a 9-shot group of a solid 1″. All in all this is an accurate, reliable .22 packing pistol.