SAR9 X Platinum

A Solid Pistol with all the Extras

The SAR 9X Platinum package comes with retention holster and dual magazine carrier included.

Can you tell where the “platinum” part of the name comes from?
The SAR 9X Platinum is a sharp-looking pistol.

On the world armament stage, Sarsilmaz (SAR) is kind of a big deal. The Turkish gunmaker, located in Istanbul, operates a 1-million square foot factory producing arms for 78 countries around the world. They’ve been at it since 1880, so the company is no new kid on the block. Relatively new on the American scene, the company does business here as SAR USA and is getting noticed.

The SAR 9X Platinum is a complete defensive or range plinking solution in a box. Above and beyond the standard SAR 9, the Platinum package adds a host of extras for the buyer at a bargain price point. “The SAR 9X Platinum’s DNA comes directly from the SAR 9 pistol, which is one of the latest offerings from SAR USA,” said Todd Pearson, COO of SAR USA. “The SAR 9 was originally designed and engineered to compete on the world stage as a military sidearm, and to fill a military contract.”

As such, the SAR 9X Platinum borrows from the base 9mm, striker-fired design and adds internal and external extras.

One of the extras in the kit is this weapon-mounted tactical light. A spring-operated
lever attaches it to the rail — no tools required.

Platinum Extras

The first thing you’ll notice about the Platinum model is its nifty 2-tone finish. The slide is Cerakoted in an attractive platinum color complementing the similarly colored frame. You’ll note black accents from the grip insert, magazine base pad, magazine release button, safety, trigger, slide lock and takedown mechanism. It’s a very sharp-looking pistol.

The slide features cocking “serration” grooves both front and back while you’ll note cutouts toward the muzzle. The barrel isn’t ported, nor does it need to be, those presumably reduce slide weight and cycle time while adding to the sharp appearance of the 9X Platinum.

The external bling is what completes the package. The SAR 9X Platinum ships in a sturdy carry case loaded with accessories. In addition to the pistol and magazines, you’ll get a retention holster with generous paddle mount, a dual magazine carrier (also paddle design), cleaning rod and cleaning mop, magazine loading tool and a tactical light. Yes, that’s right. Home defense in a box. The light uses a push-button spring mechanism to snap on and off the forward rail without need for tools, so it’s simple to pop on in the evening for nightstand duty.

The SAR ships with a 15-round magazine and an extended baseplate 17-round model.

The backstrap is replaceable to adjust fit but the side panels are also independently adjustable.

Data Points

The SAR 9X Platinum is what I would classify as a full-size pistol. It contains a 4.4″ barrel that translates to an overall length of 7.6″. Height is 5.5″ and maximum width is 1.4″. You can absolutely carry this pistol either outside or inside the waistband, just know it’s similar in size to something like a GLOCK 17, give or take. The 9X Platinum weighs in at 27.5 oz. empty.

Within its packaging, you’ll have a capacity choice with the two included magazines. The standard offers overall capacity of 15+1 while the extended magazine gives you 17+1. That one adds a bit of height thanks to the +2 extension offered by the magazine baseplate. If you live in a freedom-challenged state, I’m sorry. I should also inform you the SAR 9X Platinum can ship with two 10-round magazines if your state allows this.

The takedown levers … aren’t. Rather than using levers protruding from the slide, the SAR 9X has inset vertical sliding controls. Pull down to release the slide, barrel and recoil spring off the muzzle end of the frame. I liked this feature as it keeps the gun clean and doesn’t add snag points to the design. As an administrative function, field stripping isn’t something you need to do quickly under duress.

Note the slide cutouts. They look great but also lighten the slide a bit.

The Platinum model comes in this hard carry case with all the extras.

Trigger Learnings

My first inspection on a new pistol is always the trigger. Yes, I’m a trigger snob. On a duty-type pistol like this one, I don’t expect match-grade performance, but I want to know the starting point.

Measuring pull weight, I recorded 6.25 lbs. from the middle of the trigger face and about 5.5 lbs. from the very end of the trigger as there’s a bit more leverage. You’ll get about ¼” of free take-up travel followed by another ¼” of travel under pressure before the break. To reset, the trigger must move about ⅜” forward and you’ll have no trouble hearing and feeling this if you’re one preferring to ride the trigger reset.

I did note the trigger travel was somewhat rough. Upon inspection, it appeared there was undue pressure between the trigger transfer bar and the right interior side of the frame. I discussed this with David Freeman, a writer for Handgunner who also had a SAR 9X Platinum, and he experienced the same thing with his. We quickly elected to bend that trigger bar inward just a hair, smoothing out the motion considerably.

The takedown “levers” are really recessed slides so nothing protrudes from the frame.

Norma Hexagon 124-grain match ammo printed this 1.9" group from the bench at 25 yards.

Shooting the SAR 9X

Handling was just peachy. The grip texture is mild, but I didn’t have any trouble with the pistol moving around in my hand during shot strings. Unlike most other adjustable grip pistols, this one offers separate adjustments for the backstrap and side panels.

The SAR 9X implements the standard leaf safety in the trigger face — the trigger won’t move unless the leaf is depressed first. You’ll note a bright red cocking status indicator in the upper rear of the trigger body. This shows whether the trigger is fully forward, which also indicates whether the striker is cocked. The SAR 9X also includes ambidextrous frame-mounted safety levers if you like an extra layer of protection before firing.

The sights are the standard three-dot variety. The front sight is screwed into place through the slide, so it has no lateral movement. The rear sight is dovetail mounted with a locking Allen screw. For windage adjustments, just loosen this screw and drift side to side as necessary.

After some handling drills (no malfunctions) I set up targets at 25 yards and fired 5-shot groups from a rest. I used four types of ammo: Norma Hexagon 124-grain match, Norma MHP 108-grain hollowpoint, Black Hills FMJ 115-grain, and Black Hills JHP EXP 115-grain.

The Norma Hexagon printed a nice 1.9″ group while the MHP averaged out at 2.7″. Black Hills FMJ and JHP EXP printed 2.5″ and 2.4″ respectively.

Whatever value you assign to the holster, mag carrier and tactical light, you’re getting a great value with a total MSRP of $555.54. Need a firearm solution in a box? Check out the SAR 9X Platinum.

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