Trigger Learnings

My first inspection on a new pistol is always the trigger. Yes, I’m a trigger snob. On a duty-type pistol like this one, I don’t expect match-grade performance, but I want to know the starting point.

Measuring pull weight, I recorded 6.25 lbs. from the middle of the trigger face and about 5.5 lbs. from the very end of the trigger as there’s a bit more leverage. You’ll get about ¼" of free take-up travel followed by another ¼" of travel under pressure before the break. To reset, the trigger must move about ⅜" forward and you’ll have no trouble hearing and feeling this if you’re one preferring to ride the trigger reset.

I did note the trigger travel was somewhat rough. Upon inspection, it appeared there was undue pressure between the trigger transfer bar and the right interior side of the frame. I discussed this with David Freeman, a writer for Handgunner who also had a SAR 9X Platinum, and he experienced the same thing with his. We quickly elected to bend that trigger bar inward just a hair, smoothing out the motion considerably.