I use a SnagMag model every single day and have for about the past five or six years. In my mind, it’s the way to carry a spare magazine if you’re not wearing a belt pouch. The inventor, a plain clothes police officer, was struggling to find a good/easy way to carry a back-up mag. One day he looked at his knife clipped to his pocket and bingo — there it was. After messing with kydex the SnagMag was born. It rides in your off-side pocket (right-handed shooter uses a SnagMag in his left pocket), and looks exactly like a folding knife clipped to the pocket. It’s simple, and the designed-in “snag” hook catches the pocket corner as you draw the magazine out, allowing a fast reload.

Each SnagMag is custom designed to fit particular magazines, and they have dozens. Basically, pretty much regardless of the model semi-auto you carry, they have a fit. I use one for a Kimber Solo mag and one for my Ruger LCPII mag (shown). At $34.95 they’re affordable, made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. I noticed on their website they show 400+ reviews and five gold stars. Reviewers rave about them. Mine show zero wear and function 100 percent, and the older Solo model has lived a hard life. I also really like the way it allows safe and efficient pocket carry for both your handgun and the reload. T-shirts and shorts on hot days are suddenly not a compromise time when it comes to carry guns. I can’t recommend this product too highly — and it’s a family-owned business! For more info:, Ph: (425) 879-3238.

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