I found myself liking the Model 48 even more than the 19X, mainly because of its ease of concealability. I thought this would be my last GLOCK in a long time, however the next trip to Buckhorn found the new GLOCK 43X. I couldn’t resist! This is basically a Model 48 with a shorter barrel by about 3/4" making it even easier to conceal in a pocket. The magazines are interchangeable and by now my early appreciation had become real liking for these GLOCKs. In warm weather I wear a holstered pistol covered by my shirttail.

However, in the cooler weather of spring and fall I have a very special “holster.” I have tried several so-called tactical vests, however, I found them all lacking in one way or the other. I turned to King Size for an extra tall denim vest. It has two pockets tapered toward the front and with this set up I can carry both a Model 48 and a Model 43X, one in each pocket. The natural shape of the pockets keeps the guns in the proper place without shifting and when I sit down both of these pockets set on top of my legs making either gun easily accessible. This is especially appreciated when driving as the seatbelt is not in the way of accessibility.