Economy Moves

Here’s where Springfield saved the money: Neither the thumb safety or magazine release are ambidextrous. They’re set up for right-handed shooters, a condition which can be remedied for lefties. There’s no fine checkering on the front strap or press-check grooves on the front end given the role of the gun, the latter is too. The slide and frame are forged carbon steel rather than stainless, and Parkerized rather than highly polished. The only place you’ll find a high state of polish is inside, where it really counts.

Aside from saving some hefty bucks on the purchase price, consider the ongoing savings involved in feeding this pistol 9mm instead of .45 ACP. All of that’s okay with me, and odds are it’s just fine for you too. What you get is a pistol that will run, rock and rule the range right out of the box — and shoot better than you can hold it. Well, better than I can hold it, anyway.