First Look: Taurus Revolver Renaissance

Defender 856

It’s hard to pick out one “best” new revolver from any of the makers today, but at least with Taurus it was easy for me to like the Defender 856. Essentially a classic 856 small-frame model with some enhancements, the Defender stands out with the VZ grips and 3″ barrel. In .38 Special, with a 6-round cylinder, it’s also got an orange front “Night Sight” and fixed rear.

At 35 oz. it’s not a lightweight, but I’ve long found the combination of a few extra ounces and a 3″ barrel can turn a small-frame revolver into a track-driver. Outfits like Galloway Precision can work the actions to smooth them, and you end up with a very nice revolver. Taurus has been working hard lately and have moved into their new manufacturing facility. Look forward to more fun offereings and a continuing commitment to quality from them. MSRP is $477 for the Taurus.

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