Teeny, Tiny Groups

Heading out with a shiny new pistol only to find it prints so-so groups at 25 yards can put a damper on the “new toy” enthusiasm. Fortunately, I had no such cloudy day with the TaurusTX 22. I had a joyous day full of proud smiles.

Setting up at 25 yards using the world’s spiffiest pistol rest (the Ransom Rest Multi Caliber), I decided to do accuracy testing with the TX 22 outfitted with the Holosun HS507C red dot optic. I just love the circle with interior dot reticle. Anyway, using the same ammo from velocity testing, I was most pleasantly surprised at the accuracy performance from this nifty little pistol. Measuring five-shot groups, I observed the following: CCI Mini Mag HV .22 LR 40-grain (1.17"), Winchester Super Suppressed .22 LR 45-grain (0.90"), Norma Match-22 .22 LR 40-grain (1.29"), SK Pistol Match .22 LR 40-grain (1.40") and Lapua Pistol King .22 LR 40-grain (0.97"). Wow! Consider me impressed! This rimfire pistol will shoot.