Brassy, Not Sassy

The re-contoured brass grip-frame also has eye-grabbing abilities. Re-shaped, welded, sandblasted and coated with a special sealant, the subdued finish will not taint, nor tarnish, this original Ruger Super Blackhawk grip-frame. Snugged up and fitted perfectly to the tiger-striped frame and ram’s horn stocks make for a trifecta of blended beauty. Final shape reminds me of a round-butted Bisley/birds-head grip.

Whatever it is, I love it! It fits my paw perfectly and is comfortable, even when shooting heavy “Ruger Only” loads in it. Those ram horn stocks are impeccably fitted to its new brass home, looking as if they sprouted and grew together as one. Everything flows together into an attractive, nice, neat package, something surely not having a “thrown together” look, as some guns do.