Where It Counts

f you absolutely have to press your .32 Hand Ejector into the role of a self-defense gun, Buffalo Bore has some rounds they developed, in their words, “after countless customer requests for ammunition that will make this cartridge lethal....” While the round-nosed .32 Longs of yore are better than harsh words, let it be known this cartridge isn’t a manstopper in a conventional sense.

No matter. Aside from the fact this revolver is like a tiny little jewel in terms of its size and craftsmanship, it’s also worth owning because it’s scarily accurate. Shooting a quarter-sized group at 7 yards with any full-sized handgun is an accomplishment for me on a good day. I was gobsmacked when I was able to cloverleaf shots with my I-Frame after only a few cylinders worth of warm-up. Now, sure, I had to modify my grip with my pinky underneath the butt of the gun to be able to get a straight-line purchase on the trigger. That said, I’d stand on one leg and put my thumb in my ear if it allowed me to regularly print groups like the one pictured. It’s worth the hassle!