Elmer wanted adjustable, rugged sights on his gun. The front sight consists of cutting the last inch off a Colt Target Model barrel and reaming the cut portion, so it fits on the turned-down end of the #5 barrel, like a sleeve. The sleeve is sweated and pinned, like an S&W barrel, for added security. It’s also reversed from the Target Model, maximizing sight radius.

Elmer also wanted the rear sight dovetailed, making it windage adjustable. He requested a screw be added to the rear of the flat top frame to lock the sight in place. Elmer obviously wanted a gun capable of withstanding rugged conditions while hunting, ranching and traveling, without worrying about his sights being knocked off zero.

Croft procured Sedgley to make a wider trigger to Elmer’s specifications, instead of the typical narrow triggers placed on the left side of the guard of SAAs. Elmer said, “the trigger follows the contours of his finger and is set back, close to the guard, allowing one to properly squeeze the trigger.” Trigger pull is set at 3.5 lbs. Elmer stated, “for general excellence of grip, balance, sights, trigger and hammer, I do not think this gun can be improved upon.”